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Mobilizing Voices to Support Flavored Tobacco Restrictions

The Nicotine and Cannabis Policy Center is delighted to present our latest webinar, which explores methods for “Mobilizing Voices to Support Flavored Tobacco Restrictions”. This informative event was hosted in partnership with The American Heart Association, and took place on Thursday, January 27th 2022. During this webinar, we had several outstanding speakers, whose presentations are listed below. We also had a very informative session run by our own Dr. Song and Dr. Burke on useful resources and how to improve your wrtiing. There is a breakout session in the video for partipants, which is not recorded. Please skip from 00:51 until 01:11 at which point group feedback is provided.


  • Sabrina L. Smiley, PhD, MPH, MCHES, Assistant Professor of Public Health, Division of Health Promotion and Behavioral Science School of Public Health San Diego State University
  • Denise D. Payán, PhD, MPP, Assistant Professor, Department of Health, Society and Behavior, UC Irvine, Community Health & Innovative Policy (CHIP) Lab, UC Merced NCPC Faculty Affiliate


Dr. Sabrina L. Smiley - Flavors Through the Lens of Health Equity: Efforts around flavored tobacco restrictions are often viewed differently in communities of color. How can we respond to concerns like over-policing and unjust criminalization, discrimination, and an illicit trade market?

Dr. Denise D. Payán - Flavors—The Need to Set the Record Straight: The FDA rulemaking process will open for comments and there is an ongoing need to raise our voices including the CA recall vote in November of 2022 for SB 793

To watch a recording of the webinar please click the link below. Resources discussed in the video can be found at the bottom of the page.

For further information or details contact Alexander Mellor:

Mobilizing Voices to Support Flavored Tobacco Restrictions



Materials and Resources Presented in Webinar by Dr. Anna Song

Please click on the images below, and download the pdf files as needed.