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About the Health Sciences Research Institute

HSRI's home: the Social Science & Management Building at UC Merced

Approximately one quarter of UC Merced faculty members are engaged in research related to human health and over one-third of undergraduate students are enrolled in majors and minors related to human health. With a strong presence of the health sciences in research and education at UC Merced, HSRI is focused on promoting all research in the human health sciences to improve awareness, advocacy and action of health and health disparities. (Visit the HSRI Website here: Health Sciences Research Institute Website)

As an Organized Research Unit at UC Merced, HSRI facilitates:

  • Research and research collaborations
  • Communication and interaction among researchers
  • Research training
  • External funding success
  • Communication with the community

With the growing complex health issues we face today, specific goals of HSRI are to:

Undergraduate Researcher in the lab
  • Establish health research and training as a signature theme at UC Merced
  • Support the development of methodologically rigorous, multidisciplinary studies across the research continuum to advance understanding of health, health promotion, and disease prevention
  • Provide infrastructure support necessary to conduct world-class health research
  • Support and foster undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing research in health-related fields
  • Support and mentor new and emerging faculty in conducting health research
  • Establish new and strengthen existing interdisciplinary research partnerships across all levels of the university and with community partners

Get in touch

If you have questions about the HSRI or would like more information please contact:

  • Dr. Deborah Wiebe - HSRI Director
    • School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts
    • Email:  /  Phone: 209-228-4614
  • Trevor Hirst - HSRI Executive Director